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An urban cohousing community in Grand Rapids, Michigan


What is Newberry Place?

Newberry Place is a cohousing community in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We built an intentional neighborhood, or "urban village" in the city consisting of 23 homes and a group-owned and managed common house. Our community includes families with children, married couples and single folks of all ages.

Residents own private homes in a pedestrian-friendly community with parking on the perimeter. Neighbors share ownership of a common house, where they enjoy group meals each week and participate in social events. A central green-space is used by children and adults in the summer.

We have no religious, political, or other type of affiliations as a community. We simply share a common belief that people who have connections to others within a community live richer and more fulfilling lives, and we decided to build a community based on that ideal. To learn more, check out Why We Live Here.

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